Sling TV is one of the best channels available for almost all Streaming devices. With Sling TV you can watch several series, movies, and on-demand programs with 640 channels in 22 languages.

But to add more enthusiasm to all Sling TV users, it has come with MLB (Major League Baseball) games now for all those Sports lovers. You can watch MLB in “Sports Extra” an add-on available for “Sling Orange” and “Sling Blue” Customers. But the subscription cost varies for both users. For Sling Orange users, the subscription cost is $5/month, and for Sling Blue users, it is $10/month.


Sling TV provides you famous MLB shows such as “Quick Pitch”, “MLB Tonight”, etc. But now, in the month of March, Sling TV has brought out two channels, one is MLB Network and the other is MLB Network, Strike Zone. These two channels telecast more than 150 seasons of MLB games added with the highlights and original programming.

MLB Network

MLB Network is the best destination for all the die-hard baseball fans. It offers live regular games, postseason games, highlights, and insights. Also, it telecasts shows like “MLB Tonight”, a news program telecasted for all the seven days of a week and “Quick Pitch”, a show for recapping the previous day’s match and highlights in one hour. 

MLB Network Strike Zone

MLB Network Strike Zone is for telecasting the MLB highlights and updates about the live games on MLB Network. These games are usually available on Tuesday and Friday nights to watch. During MLB season, this channel features the most updated score throughout each night.


Bottom Line

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