Showtime is the premium cable division of CBS Corp. It is one of the biggest production houses in the country and has consistently made straight to home movies, they have also made TV shows that have swept away the competition.

Showtime Anytime is the streaming website of Showtime that provides users with a platform to watch Showtime’s original content and the programs that the company has purchased.


Activate Showtime Anytime

  • Download Showtime Anytime Activate from the Roku store.
  • There will be a list of TV channels and streaming options, check the one that applies to you.
  • A code will be generated after which you should go to Showtime Anytime link. 
  • Select the service provider and enter your User Name and password to enter into your showtime anytime account with that provider.
  • Enter the code and you will be greeted with a Success message and if not you will have to redo the steps again. You can now use Showtime Anytime to watch TV shows and movies from their extensive repertoire.